This e-mail received recently. What do you think? : My wife and I attend worship from time to time when we are in the area, and enjoy worshipping with you. However, we have to be honest and say that our impression is that the congregation could do a little more to be more welcoming of visitors. Apart from a warm handshake when we arrive and as we leave the church, we have been disappointed that we haven’t been made to feel more welcome by members of the congregation. We are well aware, of course, that this is not a problem unique to your church ; we have experienced even less warmth in other churches that we have visited. But surely it ought to be a priority of all members to make visitors feel welcome (after all they can’t be too difficult to spot!). How else are our churches going to grow in numbers?In our own home church, we have a welcome team who take turns in looking out for visitors and speaking to them, and this seems to be much appreciated.We hope these comments may be of some help to you.