We welcome you to the website of Ale & Teviot United Church, a congregation of the Church of Scotland serving the communities of Ancrum, Crailing, Eckford and Lilliesleaf at the heart of the beautiful Scottish Borders.

Ale & Teviot United Church is what’s called the “parish church” for our area. That’s important, because it means that we’re not just a cosy wee club, providing services to existing members, but instead that we’re committed to reach out in compassion and fellowship to everyone, of every age, living in our area, and to share with you the Good News of a Saviour who loves you unconditionally.

We are nominally “Presbyterian”, but we hope that what we do will be used by the Lord to touch people of all denominations and none.

We trust that you will enjoy reading about us, but more importantly that you will be attracted to know and love the Jesus we seek to love and serve each day.

We promise you a warm welcome if you are able to join us for any of the Sunday services or other events you find on this website.

To Ale and Teviot United Parish Church members and friends.


Dear friends,

At our recent online Kirk Session, the elders who were able to take part in the meeting, agreed that we should try as far as possible to find out what our members think about and would like us to do about, the possibility of opening one of our church buildings for Sunday worship.

If we complete a risk assessment and cover a checklist which ensures we have sanitisation and social distancing in place and a method for recording contact details, we could reopen if given permission by the Presbytery’s delegated Committee. The work to maintain these requirements would require initial preparation and Sunday by Sunday organisation.

What would Sunday worship look like?

There would be a phone and/or email contact to book attendance. The congregation would be a maximum of fifty people, would be socially distancing two metres apart from each other in all directions and would be wearing face masks. Only people from the same household could sit together. There would be no singing, so any music would be either pre-recorded or by guest instrumentalists. The worship leader would not have to wear a mask if sufficiently distancing from the congregation.

To achieve the social distancing, we think that Ancrum Church is the most practical option. We could reopen if sufficient of us will commit to the work required. The questions are will we or should we?

A high proportion of our members are in the groups of those previously described as vulnerable to the virus, winter approaches and it seems the infection rate is once again on the rise. As you know, the most recent restrictions keep us out of each other’s homes. Does that make meeting in church, more or less important for us?

Please share your opinion (either by sending an email to John Rogerson at b16ess@yahoo.co.uk or by having a chat with your church elder), particularly telling us whether in present circumstances you would like to attend Sunday worship? If the consensus is yes, we can address the reopening process. If no, we will do all possible to maximise the presence and activity of our local churches online, on the phone and in print, until we are free to meet again.

Wishing you every blessing,

Rev Sandy Young (Interim Moderator), Mrs Liz Findlay (Locum minister), Mr. John Rogerson (Session Clerk).







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