We welcome you to the website of Ale & Teviot United Church, a congregation of the Church of Scotland serving the communities of Ancrum, Crailing, Eckford and Lilliesleaf at the heart of the beautiful Scottish Borders.

Ale & Teviot United Church is what’s called the “parish church” for our area. That’s important, because it means that we’re not just a cosy wee club, providing services to existing members, but instead that we’re committed to reach out in compassion and fellowship to everyone, of every age, living in our area, and to share with you the Good News of a Saviour who loves you unconditionally.

We are nominally “Presbyterian”, but we hope that what we do will be used by the Lord to touch people of all denominations and none.

We trust that you will enjoy reading about us, but more importantly that you will be attracted to know and love the Jesus we seek to love and serve each day.

We promise you a warm welcome if you are able to join us for any of the Sunday services or other events you find on this website.

Dear Members and Friends,

Although this is a short note, it does carry some important information.

Nominating Committee. This is the group of people who are charged with finding a new minister. The Committee is up and running and looking at ways to contact possible ministers and promote the congregations. There is a great deal of work involved in this and much of it will go on quietly in the background. Please do not ask members of the committee for information. The process has to be carried out with total confidentiality and it will just embarass committee members if they have to tell you – politely – to mind your own business. When there is any news the congregation will be the first to hear about it.

Neil Combe
Interim Moderator